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The Hawkwatch is located in the Kèköldi Indigenous Territory, a 6000 ha sanctuary of primary and secondary forests and cocoa plantations where we preserve over 330 bird species. Also Kèköldi is the second place only after Veracruz, Mexico, as the most concentrated flight migratory raptors in the world (3.5 million raptors counted from a single point during the fall season). It is also the biggest known migration spot for Peregrine Falcons and Plumbeous Kites in the globe. Observations are made from a 11m tower built in the Territory. This is an excellent opportunity for those students who want to build their resume.

“Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action.  These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.” – Helen Dyer

  • Money
  • Share social media posts
  • Participate in social media posts
  • Donate a book (nature related)
  • Donate media
  • Donate useful goods (binoculars, vehicles, boots, sun blockers, properties, computers, hardware)
  • Donate your talent (picture editing, ideas, feedback, translations)
  • Donate access to useful platforms (science, media editing, etc)
  • Share your contacts of possible donors
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Come to rebuild the tower with us!!

We got the goal, we reached the budget to buy all materials for the tower rebuild. Now we need hands to work with those materials and tools. We have three available weekends to get the job done in July:

Sat 10/Sun 11
Sat 17/Sun 18
Sat 24/Sun 25

We did not get money for volunteers so you need to pay ₡25.000 in advance. We hope to have your help in this last step!

If you want to join us, please fill this out

We will reply back. to you to provide you with more details.

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