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Kèköldi is one of a few multi-million hawkwatches in the world and the second largest Hawkwatch in the Americas. We started operations in 2000 after Pablo Porras was granted an internship at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, where he learned raptor conservation and monitoring techniques and received a grant to start counting. After that we conducted full-season counts both in Spring and Autumn until 2006.

 In six years of full counts a lot was accomplished, not only for science but also for the benefit and sustainable development of the Kekoldi Indigenous Territory.

TheKèköldi Hawkwatch reached the millionth bird during the first full-season count and counted more than three million birds of 17 different species in the last official season.

Our Team

Sebastián Hernández

Director Centro Científico Kèköldi/Kèköldi Scientific Center

Pablo Porras

Founder and Co-Director Kèköldi Hawkwatch Conservation Project

David Araya-H

Co-Director Kèköldi Hawkwatch Conservation Project

Andres Espinoza

Media and Social Media Manager


Julio madriz

Main Counter at Kèköldi Hawkwatch/Contador Principal Kèköldi Hawkwatch

Yaudi castillo


Assistant Counter at Kèköldi Hawkwatch/Contador Asistente Kèköldi Hawkwatch

Luis Zuñiga

Assistant Counter at Kèköldi Hawkwatch/Contadora Asistente Kèköldi Hawkwatch

Pamela carvajal

Education Manager at Kèköldi Educadora Ambiental en Kèköldi Hawkwatch

Our Mission & Approach

The primary objective of these efforts is to track long-term population trends of diurnal raptors throughout primarily the second largest hawkwatch in the Americas. The information gathered enables us to better understand the dynamics, and conservation needs of raptor populations the continent.

By doing this our team will encourage other investation and conservation inititives to join us, we aim to attract more people to obtain knowledge about this magical place for them to keep it up in conservation path and help others to undestand why raptors are important.


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