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Kèköldi is the second place only after Río de Rapaces (Veracruz), as the most concentrated flight migratory raptors in the world  with 3.5 million raptors counted from a single point as well as the biggest known migration spot for Peregrine Falcons and Plumbeous Kites.

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About Our Objectives

Monitor Raptor Populations

Long-term population monitoring provides valuable insights into ecology, environmental change and the management of natural resources

Teach about migration dynamics

Environmental education must be part of every scientific project. Including people increases consciousness and conservation

Sustainable Tourism to help Kèköldis

Science is the route, but we need to attract visitors in order to generate local people grow. This territory belongs to them, they know how to take care of it

Wildlife Preservation

Raptors are a top predator, umbrella species. By studying and preserving raptors we are taking care of a whole environment stuff below them: preys, vegetation, etc.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The watchsite is located in the heart of the Kéköldi Indigenous Territory; at the top of a hill the 10m tower provides a good 360º view. Vegetation at the site is mostly old secondary forest and abandoned cacao plantations. The place is great for wildlife spotting.


The watchsite is part of the Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor, which encompasses over 36,000 ha, and connects La Amistad National Park to the Caribbean coast. The corridor includes Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve, Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, several indigenous reserves, and numerous private lands. This zone is extremely rich in natural resources, with highly diverse forests, including at least 59 mammal, 43 amphibian, and over 400 bird species.


Happening Now

We are looking for volunteers

At this moment we are looking for volunteers to work and learn about migratory raptors. The migration season starts on August 15th and ends on December 15h. We need volunteers to commit at least for a month since you need to be trained and also for you to fully enjoy the experience). The project is located in the Kèköldi Indigenous Territory in Caribbean mountains, where you will live and work. The refuge facilities are confortable and you will have all basic mod cons. The monthly fee is US$800 to cover your accommodation, board and training.

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